Production and Marketing Department is mandated to ensure that agriculture production, animal husbandry and aquaculture in Busia Municipal Council (BMC) through the crop, livestock and fisheries sector are in line with the Vision 2040. The line ministry of the Department is The Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries. The department ensures improved livelihoods of communities through enhanced agriculture production, productivity, agro- industrialization and value addition on agricultural commodities.


Department Mission: To ensure commercial intensive productivity from available acreage of land holdings, through value chain management of strategic enterprises leading to commercialization of agriculture.


Department Mandate: To increase house hold income and improve the wellbeing of the farming communities while contributing to local economic development and national economy.


The government has recently rolled out the Parish Development Model (PDM) as the last milestone to ensure improved livelihoods through agriculture which is the core goal of the Department. BMC has 8 PDM SACCOS which will be capitalized by government to a tune of 100 million every financial year to lift 39.9% of subsistence households out of poverty.


The Production department has three sectors which include; Agriculture sector, veterinary sector, and fisheries sector. All sectors are mandated to ensure a wholistic approach to agriculture production and productivity as below;


The Veterinary sector ensures that farmers do proper rearing of animals, veterinary public health is ensured through animal and zoonotic disease control, meat inspection, sensitization of farmers on animal production, livestock laws, policy, and legal frameworks.


The objective of Agriculture sector is to achieve food and nutrition security and improve households’ incomes through coordinated interventions that focus on enhancing sustainable agricultural productivity and value addition, providing employment opportunities and promoting domestic and international trade.


The Fisheries sector carries out the inspection of fish catch and quality assurance, controlling fish smuggling, updating the aquaculture database and training of farmers on aquaculture.


Busia Municipality is a local government in Busia District, Eastern Uganda, at the border of Kenya.

Location: Eastern Uganda  0°28’01.0″N, 34°05’24.0″E (Latitude:0.4669; Longitude:34.0900).
Land Area: Total Land: 7 km2
Population: 54,798.


P.O.Box 177, Busia-Uganda
Hadongole Road

Phone: +256 774 096 267

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