Market Facilities and work spaces.

The Municipality lacks appropriate work- spaces with relevant facilities and amenities to serve the ever increasing population. There is only one modern market facility situated in the Western Division. The inadequacy in organized work spaces resulted into a number of informal markets, make-shift evening markets and kiosks which The New Busia Modern Market are slowly cropping up to close the service gap. This has resulted into serious breakdown in trade order.
This presents an investment opportunity in the development of market infrastructure with corresponding social amenities

Busia Municipality is a local government in Busia District, Eastern Uganda, at the border of Kenya.

Location: Eastern Uganda  0°28’01.0″N, 34°05’24.0″E (Latitude:0.4669; Longitude:34.0900).
Land Area: Total Land: 7 km2
Population: 54,798.


P.O.Box 177, Busia-Uganda
Hadongole Road

Phone: +256 774 096 267

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