The program approach.


  • Uganda Vision 2040, EAC Vision 2050, and Africa Agenda 2063 as well as the SDG must be accelerated by taking advantage of all opportunities at our disposal as a country.
  • NDP III comes in play to address this. The NDP III aims at increasing household incomes and improving the quality of life of Ugandans through sustainable industrialization for inclusive growth, employment and sustainable wealth creation.
  • To comprehensively develop the real economy and address the strategic bottlenecks, NDP III has laid out 20 Programmes to promote a coordinated approach to achievement of the development objectives.

Busia Municipal Council Third Development Plan

To contribute to the NDP III, Busia Municipal Council compiled the third development plan (MC DP III), which provides the most necessary guidelines on policy formulation and adopts the most desired direction to development through a bottom-up planning and demand driven approach. The MCDPIII consolidates the achievements of the previous Plans. MCDP III has been formulated in consonance with the National Priority Programme Areas, the Uganda Vision 2040, of “A transformed Ugandan Society from a peasant to a modern and prosperous country within 30 years".

Successful implementation of NDP III

In the past, the Government of Uganda has implemented reforms, with varying degree of success, to address many development challenges such as :

The government is now responding to the challenge of limited coordination and cooperation in planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation among other problems.


The limited coordination and cooperation is partly attributed to overlapping roles and responsibilities, duplication of interventions/budgets, limited funding to implement interventions and “sector-egos” with some state agencies failing to cooperate on joint interventions.


In 2019, the government (National Planning Authority) embarked on the agenda of strengthening institutional coordination and cooperation through the Programme-based approach (PBA).


The PBA is a process that enables the government to formulate and realise national priority development objectives through corresponding national programmes formulated and implemented in a coherent, coordinated and participatory manner to ensure sustainability and development impact.


NDP III Programmes

Read about Agro-Industrialization, Mineral Development, Natural Resources, Environment, Climate Change, Land and Water management, Tourism Development, and Mineral Development etc.

Busia Municipality is a local government in Busia District, Eastern Uganda, at the border of Kenya.

Location: Eastern Uganda  0°28’01.0″N, 34°05’24.0″E (Latitude:0.4669; Longitude:34.0900).
Land Area: Total Land: 7 km2
Population: 54,798.


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