Private Sector Development Programme

Private Sector Development Programme-aims to increase competitiveness of the private sector to drive sustainable inclusive growth

Private Sector Development is one of the 20 programmes of the NDPIII and it
operationalises objective two – to strengthen the private sector capacity to
drive growth and create jobs. The programme seeks to address key challenges
in the weak enabling environment, organisational and institutional capacity, and
enforcement of standards.

The programme seeks to address key challenges which include:

Therefore, the objectives of the programme were to:

Government Programme

Further Reading

Detailed description about this program can be found on Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development Website.

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Location: Eastern Uganda  0°28’01.0″N, 34°05’24.0″E (Latitude:0.4669; Longitude:34.0900).
Land Area: Total Land: 7 km2
Population: 54,798.


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